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Yvanna started blogging about museums across the United Kingdom after having spent one summer five years ago as a front-of-office volunteer in a local museum in London.  She found the experience quite enriching and rewarding and has, since then, committed to doing meaningful volunteer work in local museums every year.

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Touch with your eyes

Touch with your eyes

As a visitor, extra care must be exercised to avoid damaging collections.  Always maintain a reasonable distance from exhibits.  If you are too close, a simple gesture like pointing or waving could damage fragile displays if you accidentally touch them.  If you must, just keep your arms folded or clasp your hands behind your back while viewing.

Touching with your eyes isn’t limited to the primary object on display.  Consider that even display labels, pedestals, and encasements are also hands-off items.  Remember that these priceless collections are rare and originals and cannot be replaced when lost or damaged.  Some old, delicate collections such as oil paintings on canvass may be easily damaged by a mere touch of human hands which contain traces of sweat that is acidic.

There are instances however when visitors are invited to get a closer view of displays or to even touch them.  In this case, it is quite alright to do so.

Basic Etiquette For Museum Visitors

Basic Etiquette For Museum Visitors

A museum is a unique site where objects of rare value are displayed for the appreciation of those who are fond of priceless articles from photographs to works of art and memorabilia.

People who appreciate the beauty and value of rare objects will enjoy visits in museums.  Knowing what to do and what not to while inside these special places is a must for any visitor who wish to make the experience more pleasant and enriching.

Talk if you must but quietly and courteously

Talk if you must but quietly and courteously

If you have to talk to your companion, do it in a quiet and calm manner.  This rule applies in every area of the museum.  It is also a sign of respect and courtesy for other visitors.

When a docent is talking, avoid interrupting his talk and just listen along with the other visitors.  In case you wish to comment or raise some questions, use your hand to respectfully call the docent’s attention and wait until he acknowledges your signal.

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